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Domestic Violence And Felony Assault

Sometimes, even the most level-headed person can be overcome with emotion. When tensions run high, things can quickly escalate and before you know it you may find yourself facing domestic violence or felony assault charges. A conviction on these charges can result in severe punishments, which is why it is essential to get help from a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

At The Law Offices of Karen D. Gerber, PLLC in Winston-Salem, I understands how to mount an effective defense against alleged crimes of violence.

We Provide Legal Counsel For All Assault Cases

I have provided legal defense for people who have been charged with felony assault stemming from all types of situations, including:

  • Bar fights
  • Road rage
  • Incidents involving a weapon
  • Revenge attacks

Even if an eyewitness can positively identify you, there are still defenses that may be raised. However, it is important that you seek legal help as soon as possible to ensure that your rights remain protected.

Allegations Of Domestic Abuse Can Have Far-Reaching Consequences

Charges of domestic violence can impact every area of your life. If a family member even just alleges that you committed an act of violence against him or her, he or she may secure a restraining order that can prevent you from returning home or seeing your children, even before you have had a chance to plea your case in court.

A conviction for even a misdemeanor domestic abuse charge means that you will no longer be allowed to possess firearms. With this much at stake, you need help from someone who understands criminal defense.

Contact A Board-Certified Criminal Defense Specialist In North Carolina

I understand what it takes to build an effective defense against assault charges. Call 336-725-6611 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

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