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DWI/DUI Convictions Can Be Detrimental To Your Very Livelihood

Penalties for driving while intoxicated (DWI) in North Carolina – as with any state – are always serious. If you are of legal drinking age, penalties begin at the federal limit for blood alcohol content, which is .08%. A conviction could mean consequences as severe as a lengthy jail sentence.

The Law Offices of Karen D. Gerber provides an array of criminal defense services. I am attorney Karen D. Gerber, an experienced DUI/DWI defense lawyer who knows what evidence to look for in my client’s case. When it comes to drunk driving charges, or any criminal matter, the details make a difference.

Your Personal Freedom And Professional Life Are At Stake

In North Carolina, you will lose your license for 30 days on your first DWI charge. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your charge, you may even lose it for up to a year and see jail time. A second offense could result in multiple years of license revocation, and subsequent offenses could result in permanent revocation.

If your job requires a commercial driver’s license (CDL) – as a truck driver, for instance – your very professional livelihood could be in jeopardy with just one charge. What’s more, you will have to take mandatory alcohol education courses and, for a fourth DWI offense, you could even have your vehicle confiscated.

Reduction for your penalties could come from the smallest detail – faulty testing equipment or improper arrest procedures. If there is a way to lessen the blow of a DWI offense, I will find it.

Reach Out For Help

Losing your freedom to drive affects all aspects of your life. I am here to help you avoid license revocation, serious fines and even jail time. For a free initial consultation, reach me in Winston-Salem at 336-725-6611 or via email.

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