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Adept Representation Protecting Your Rights In The Face Of Title IX Accusations

Every federally funded educational institution must adhere to Title IX, which prohibits discrimination and harassment based on gender. Sadly, college students and staff around the country find themselves victims and suspects of violations and crimes related to Title IX on a regular basis. Many of which are involved in related sexual assault charges. If you or a loved one face charges for these serious offenses, know that an effective defense is within reach.

Firm founder and attorney, Karen Gerber, has provided the Winston-Salem area with criminal defense and general legal counsel for over 14 years. At The Law Offices of Karen D. Gerber, PLLC, we know these matters should not be taken lightly. There may be grave implications for the defendant’s future.

Seeking The Vital Details For The Sake Of Your Future

A federal mandate dictates that defendants of Title IX violations declared above 50% likely to have committed their supposed offense will be found guilty of their charges. This standard of probability is known as “preponderance of evidence.”

If it is the case that the violation is a criminal act – as with sexual assault – the burden of proof is much higher. Plaintiffs must prove the criminal charges beyond a reasonable doubt. A conviction for criminal acts also bears severe penalties.

Whether facing a Title IX violation or a related criminal charge, contacting an attorney on the front end can be a great help to your case. We know what difference the details can make. Sometimes these cases are simply a matter of a widespread rumor. However the issue came about, we will work to expose the truth and pursue dropped or reduced charges.

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