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Enrolling in treatment may help you overcome a DWI charge

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | DWI |

For months, your spouse has hinted that you have an alcohol problem. You wave it off until a police officer arrests you on a drunk driving charge. The incident has a dramatic and emotional impact.

Facing a drunk driving conviction can cause worry to just about anyone. Now, you must consider taking the steps that will help you overcome this shameful experience. Under the advice of your spouse and attorney, you decide to enroll in an alcohol rehabilitation program. This action may lead to a more favorable outcome in your DWI case.

Judge may view this favorably

By enrolling in an alcohol treatment program, you have taken the step to admit that you have a drinking problem and need guidance in how to overcome it. This represents a sign that you are taking the matter seriously, helping yourself on a personal and professional level, and helping your family.

And by taking this step, you also are helping yourself on another level: in the eyes of the court. In reviewing the details leading up to your court appearance, a judge may favorably look upon your decision to enter a treatment center.

Reduction or dismissal of charges are possible

In such a scenario, the judge clearly sees that you are addressing this problem. Whether the judge reduces or dismisses the charge depends on the circumstances of your case, arrest history and persuasion of your attorney. But there is a probability that the judge will take this into consideration.

Remember, though, that in North Carolina, anyone convicted of a DWI charge must obtain an assessment for substance abuse. In addition, that person must finish a treatment program or education program.

A number of benefits

The penalties for a DWI conviction go beyond the criminal court. It can harm you personally and professionally. You want to secure the best outcome possible, and enrolling in a treatment program has a number of benefits. With the advice and guidance of a skilled criminal defense attorney, you just may be able to do so.