If you are cited for speeding in North Carolina, there is a chance that you could pay a fine and have points added to your license. There is also a chance that you will pay more for auto insurance. However, it may be possible to appeal a speeding ticket by writing a letter to the court where the citation was issued.

What to include in the letter

You will want to submit a concise statement that sticks to the objective facts in the case. These facts may include your speed at the time of a traffic stop or whether the speed limit was clearly posted. It may also be a good idea to submit proof that your speedometer wasn’t working properly on the day that you were stopped. If you haven’t received a speeding ticket in the past, be sure to mention that in your written testimony as well.

You might want to appeal even if you’re guilty

In some cases, a judge may be willing to show leniency even if you are guilty. For example, you might ask for a ticket to be dismissed because you can’t afford to pay more for auto insurance. You could also explain how you were going faster than the speed limit in an effort to get your spouse or a child to the hospital.

How long do you have to submit your appeal?

Typically, you will have two or three weeks from the date of a traffic stop to appeal the ticket. If the judge decides that you are not guilty of the infraction, you will not pay a fine or receive any points on your license. It is also possible that you will be found guilty but pay a reduced fine or avoid other negative consequences.

If you feel that you were improperly cited for speeding, it is your right to challenge the citation. While it may be possible to appeal a ticket on your own, an attorney may be willing to help you do so.